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Kanazawa and Local Kimono Tradition: Kaga Yuzen Tour!
This adventure combines a visit to the main tourist locations of Kanazawa with a deep dive into the local kimono tradition of Kaga Yuzen. Ideal for those wanting to see the city but not miss out on the rich cultural heritage that Kanazawa is known for.

Kaga Yuzen, one of the three major kimono dyeing techniques of Japan, is deeply rooted in Kanazawa. It’s characterized by its master level of craftsmanship and elegance. With the exclusive use of the the five colors of Kaga, the artists take inspiration from nature to depict a wide variety of motiffs such as flowers. This adventure takes you to explore the secrets of Kaga Yuzen.


The tour begins at Asanogawa Enyukai Hall, where you’ll learn about Geishas, master entertainers of Japanese arts and their elegant Kaga Yuzen Kimonos. Following you’ll be able to enjoy free time to discover Higashi Chaya Geisha District on your own.

Next, we’ll visit one of Kanazawa’s must-see locations and one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan: Kenrokuen Garden. You’ll start with a nutritious lunch at Kenrokutei’s peaceful atmosphere overlooking part of the garden. Aftewards you’ll enjoy a stroll in the garden and contemplate the nature which has inspired countless Kaga Yuzen artists.

*Vegetarian and vegan options available

To end the tour, we’ll visit the Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center where you’ll learn about the traditional manufacturing process and browse unique souvenirs to take back home to your loved ones.

Kimono expertise

The tour will be accompanied by a Kaga Yuzen guide who was selected in the prestigious Miss Kaga Yuzen contest for their passion to the craft. They are ambassadors of Kaga Yuzen to the world.

Additionally, we’ll have an English-speaking interpreter to facilitate communication with the guide so you can ask your most pressing kimono questions.

Comfortable and aesthetic travel

Our tour runs in a bus designed by one of Kanazawa’s most renowned Kaga Yuzen Artists, Mr. Maida Hitoshi. His design masterfully blends Kanazawa’s symbols and traditions with the art that characterizes Kaga Yuzen. You’ll be able to travel comfortably and enjoy the scenic spots through our buses wide windows.

Two plans available: 

  1. One-day Tour Plan
  2. Accommodation and Kimono Plan


One-day Tour Plan 

In this plan, you’ll join the tour program only. Accommodation and kimono wearing are not included.


Accommodation and Kimono Plan

For those seeking to further enrich their experience, we’re offering Accommodation at our group hotel, Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel.

Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel’s breakfast has ranked consistently as one of the best in Japan for its incorporation of locally sourced ingredients.

The elegant atmosphere, display of crafts, and gardens embrace the essence of Kanazawa.

Stay in our hotel, enjoy the tour the next day, and try on a real Kaga Yuzen Kimono at the Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center at the end of the tour.

*Please note that only female kimono are available. For groups choosing Accommodation and Kimono Plan, we offer special prices for those participants who don’t try on kimono.


(For Accommodation and Kimono Plan – check-in at Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel the day before)

10:00  Departure from Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area

10:20   Asanogawa Enyukai Hall

Where you’ll learn and experience Geisha Culture

11:20  Higashi Chaya Geisha District (Free time)

12:15  Lunch at Kenrokutei

* Vegan or vegetarian options available. Please let us know your dietary preference when you make your reservation

13:00 Kenrokuen Garden Free time

14:15 Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center

You’ll learn how kimonos are made

16:00 Arrival at Kanazawa Station (Tour ends at 17:00 for the Accommodation and Kimono Plan)

Tour Information

  • Price
    for the One-Day Tour Plan
    69,800 JPY per person for Accommodation and Kimono plan (44,000 for those who don't wear kimono)

    Tour is available upon request as private experience for groups between 8 to 12 persons.
    We're able to organize the tour for smaller groups, but prices will vary.
  • Included:
    Entrance fees for Asanogawa Enyukai Hall, Kenrokuen Garden, Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center; Kaga Yuzen Guide, Interpreter and Driver, Lunch
    If choose the second plan: all above + Kimono try-on and Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel Accommodation
  • Not included:
    personal purchases, additional drinks for lunch
  • For changes or cancellations, a fee may be charged as follows:
    20 to 8 days before the tour ・・・ 20%
    7 to 2 days before the tour ・・・ 30%
    Day before the tour ・・・ 40%
    The day of the tour ・・・ 100%
    Or cancellation without contact