Our Story

The two factors that influence Kanazawa’s cultural, culinary, and artisanal legend are: one; it was the wealthiest city in Japan during the feudal era. The samurai spent much of their governmental and personal resources on the arts, gourmet traditions, cultural endeavors, and refining the ceremony of interpersonal relationships. These still resonate. Two; Kanazawa wasn’t affected by World War II bombing. The architecture, streetscapes, and city layout remain comparatively untouched from the 19th century.

The Takatas have been a mainstay of Kanazawa’s business and cultural milieu for generations. Diversifying their holdings, the Takatas established the Sainoniwa Hotel in 2015. In order to meet visitors’ needs in the ever-burgeoning travel industry, the idea to create Kanazawa Adventures was born.

One of Kanazawa Adventures’ founders, Paul, began to live in Kanazawa in the early eighties. Inspired by Kanazawa’s hospitality and cuisine, cultural richness and diversity, and friendships, Paul has the great fortune to have a Kanazawa Adventures-filled life.

Our Kanazawa Adventures team wants to share with you our love and admiration and respect for the people and place that is Kanazawa.


Company name Kanazawa Adventures Inc
Established 2018 November 28
License number Authorized Travel Agency Operator Ishikawa License 2-288
Head Office Nagata 2-4-8, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0043
TEL: (+81)76-214-4545 FAX: (+81)76-263-6318
E-mail info@kanazawaadventures.com

Kanazawa Adventures is seeking persons to promote its services and products in non-Japanese markets. Please use the contact function on this website to send your information. Thank you.