Our buses

Heralding the advent of luxury touring in Kanazawa and the Hokuriku Region, Sainokaze’s deluxe seats with huge legroom and spectacular windows provide exceptional views and comfort.

The concept was conceived by the blending traditional arts, crafts and culture which characterize Kanazawa with the interests of modern travel.
Sainokaze evokes the beauty of impermanence and change through the four seasons of Japan.

Traditional Japanese design

Kaga Yuzen is a Japanese dyeing technique used in kimonos which features motifs such as flowers and birds making use of the five colors of Kaga known as Kaga Gosai.

Local Kaga Yuzen artist Hitoshi Maida designed the bus using this technique to incorporate symbols which represent Kanazawa such as the Yukitsuri and the emblem of the Maeda family, who ruled Kanazawa during the feudal period.

Ventilation System

・Featuring a modern ventilation system which completely cycles fresh air inside the bus every 3 minutes 45 seconds
・Use of air ionizer to suppress bacteria and allergens and reduce the risk of infection
・Reduced noise and air pollution
・Equipped with a multi-zone air system that allows precise temperature control for each of its 6 zones during cooling and 4 zones when heating.

In-bus tablets

Each seat has one tablet installed to enhance the travel experience.
Our Recommended Sightseeing Adventures make use of a GPS system which delivers an explanation when a point of interest approaches.
*Bus rental will only include tablets if requested


A 27 standard bus accommodated for 15 people for maximum spaciousness and comfort.
Even at full capacity, the bus doesn’t feel crowded.

Seat Spacing

1,265mm (For comparison: the shinkansen seat spacing is 1,040 mm for normal seats and 1,300mm for Grand Class)

Infection countermeasures

To prevent the spread of COVID 19, we thoroughly carry out preventive measures making sure our staff complies with the norms and standards of cleaning and sterilization.
We ask that our guests cooperate with masks, temperature control and constant disinfection.

WiFi and USB ports inside the bus

Our bus attendants

We offer service in English, Spanish or Japanese, practicing the hospitality which characterizes Kanazawa and personally attending to your travel needs.