The mountains of Gokayama evoke a feeling of nostalgia in the people of Ishikawa.
Traveling to Gokayama is a spiritual journey in the search for one’s roots.
The mountain farm life will facilitate a connection with your inner farmer Japanese spirit.

Sho River Boat Ride
Our tour begins with a boat ride in the Sho River surrounded by mountains. The verdant green of Summer, the invigorating playfulness of autumn colors, and the mesmerizing beauty of winter’s snowy mountains highlight the different facets of nature.

Ainokura World Heritage Village
Not as crowded as its neighboring heritage villages and featuring 20 Gassho style houses, Ainokura offers you a privileged contact with a rural mountain village. A short but significant visit will give you enough time to walk uphill to enjoy a panoramic view of the area and take some memorable pictures.

Maki no Oto
Lunch at [Maki No Oto] for a full French course using the best of local and seasonal ingredients.


Fukumitsu Museum
Fukumitsu Museum permanently stores the works of woodblock printmaker Munakata Shiko and a rare collection of local Japanese painter Koyo Ishizaki who were active around 100 years ago. One-hour travel from Kanazawa, it feels like the perfect place to enjoy the unexpected.

Tour Schedule
Kanazawa West Exit Bus Parking [8:30 departure]
Sho River Boat Ride [Around 60 minutes]
Gokayama Ainokura Village [Around 60 minutes]
Lunch at Maki No Oto [Around 120 minutes]
Visit to Fukumitsu Museum [Around 40 minutes]
Kanazawa Station West Exit [We’ll arrive at around 17:00]


How to get to the bus boarding area

Tour Information

  • Price
  • Departure time
    9:00 from Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area
  • Arrival time
    17:00 at Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area
  • Cancel Policy
    For changes or cancellations, a fee may be charged as follows:
    20 to 8 days before the tour ・・・ 20%
    7 to 2 days before the tour ・・・ 30%
    Day before the tour ・・・ 40%
    The day of the tour ・・・ 100%
    Or cancellation without contact
  • Minimum number of participants
    1 person