Mountains, history and spirituality of Kaga with ancient temples, hot spring towns and exceptional meals

Proudly carrying the name of the richest domain during the feudal period in Japan,

Kaga offers the perfect blend between culture and the natural landscapes of the sea and the mountains.

In this trip, you’ll walk the ancient pathways of Kakusenkei Gorges and see its contrast

with the unobstructed views of the sea from Hashidate Port.

At Natadera Temple, you will feel deep relationship between the wonders of nature and spirituality. And the fresh air of the mountains of Yamanaka will inspire you to write Haiku like the ancient Japanese poets.

One of the three most sacred mountains in Japan, Hakusan, was first recognized more than 1,300 years ago by a monk called Taicho. He also founded Natadera in 717 as a temple to worship the sacredness of nature. A place of spirituality, rebirth and healing, Natadera offers a natural paradise not to be missed.

Hashidate Port was the scene of a bustling port town, a stop in the routes of Kitamaebune, merchant ships which used to go around Japan during the Edo Period. This traditional wooden port town is the place where you’ll enjoy an unforgettable seafood course. Before you realize it, you’ll be exclaiming “Umai” like a true Japanese.


Yamanaka Onsen
One of the retainers of the Maeda Clan, built a lavish mansion in Kanazawa which was transferred piece by piece to a privileged place overlooking the Kakusenkei Gorges in Yamanaka. This is the perfect location for a tea ceremony enjoying the charm of each season.
Afterwards, you’ll have free time to walk the ancient path of poets and enjoy a bath in the hot springs of this Onsen town.

The tour includes:

・Bus attendant and driver
・Entrance fee to Natadera Temple
・Entrance fee to Mugenan with Japanese tea and sweets
・Public Bath ticket for Yamanaka (including towel and other amenities)
・Pick-up and drop off at Sainoniwa Hotel or Kanazawa Station


Not Included:

・Drinks for lunch

*We recommend you bring comfortable shoes to walk.
*The menu is subject to change with the season. 



Tour Schedule
Kanazawa West Exit Bus Parking 9:00

Natadera (Around 50 minutes)

Yamamotoya (Around 90 minutes)

Yamanaka Onsen visit to Mugenan (Around 2 hours)

Kanazawa Station West Exit



How to get to the bus boarding area

Tour Information

  • Price
  • Departure time
    9:00 from Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area
  • Arrival time
    17:00 at Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area
  • Cancel Policy
    For changes or cancellations, a fee may be charged as follows:
    20 to 8 days before the tour ・・・ 20%
    7 to 2 days before the tour ・・・ 30%
    Day before the tour ・・・ 40%
    The day of the tour ・・・ 100%
    Or cancellation without contact
  • Minimum number of participants
    1 person min 15 persons max
    Please note that in the event of 4 or less total participants for the tour, we'll give the tour in a private luxury wagon instead of the luxury bus.