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Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel Accommodation and Shirakawa-go World Heritage Village Tour
Accommodation at Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel and Shirakawa-go Tour set with a discounted price in support of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts

The Noto Peninsula Earthquake on January 1st 2024 deeply affected the livelihoods of many persons. To collaborate with the reconstruction efforts, we’re offering a unique plan in cooperation with Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel and EVA Air.

At the moment of check-in at Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel, show the flight certificate of an applicable EVA Air flight (valid for 1 month from the boarding day) and you’ll get a discounted price on your accommodation fee with the renowned breakfast and Shirakawa-go Luxury Wagon Tour included!

A percentage of this fee will go to aid the Noto Peninsula reconstruction efforts.

*Please note: the discount is only applicable for Taipei/Komatsu Airport flights BR157/BR158

Our group hotel, Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel strives to actively communicate with the guests and provide the highest quality of Kanazawa’s representative hospitality.

Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel’s breakfast has ranked consistently as one of the best in Japan for its incorporation of locally sourced ingredients.

The elegant atmosphere, display of crafts, and gardens embrace the essence of Kanazawa.

As part of this plan, participate in our Shirakawa-go Adventure in which you’ll will have enough free time to enjoy and discover the World Heritage Village at your own pace.

Shirakawa-go is recognized as a world heritage site for its distinct thatched-roof architecture, cultivation of mulberry trees and silkworm rearing during long periods of winter isolation. Its unique rural atmosphere transports you to a traditional lifestyle that can only be experienced there.

Our tour uses automatic GPS-triggered narrations to deliver explanations. (No actual tour guide is present)



Tour schedule:

09:40 Departure from Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel

10:00 Departure from JR Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area

11:30〜15:00 Free time at Shirakawa-go

※Lunch is not provided, so you can choose the place you prefer

16:30 Arrival at JR Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area

16:50 Arrival at Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel

Transportation in a 6 person luxury wagon

Tour Information

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    *Please note that room type can't be chosen. The discount is applicable only when booking through the hotel website.

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