Paul’s Blog

April 11, 2019

April 11, 2019,
Paul’s Blog #2
Photos courtesy of Erin Lang and Foundling Sounds


The sakura have come and are almost gone. Like Kanazawa Adventures’ group of eight visitors from Canada and Germany the first week of April, their appearance was too-short-lived; what remains are the footfalls of pink petals and strolls and the memories of food and experience.


We are grateful to all the Kanazawa and Ishikawa artists and businesses, restaurateurs and craftspersons, partners and supporters who made our first week unforgettable.


It was a week of firsts for Kanazawa Adventures. Not only did we get our business operations underway, our Chief Executive Director got married. Kaori Kawai and Shuhei Takata were married in Kanazawa on April 7. When you see wedding photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages during the upcoming postings, they’re from their day. Congratulations Kaori and Shuhei.


The weather’s getting warmer in Kanazawa and the streets and museums and restaurants and shrines and studios and parks and temples and galleries are filling with visitors. Fish are delicious and the wild shellfish are coming to market. Mountain roads are soon to be passable and that means snapping photos of blossoms on your hike. Come for your Kanazawa Adventures.