Kanazawa Half Day Adventure
Only half a day in Kanazawa but you don’t know what to do with your time?
Looking to learn about the stories, characters and customs that make up the landscape of Kanazawa? You want to get an overview of the city before deciding where to visit?
Then this is the perfect tour for you. Ideal for first time visitors but also highly enjoyed by Kanazawa locals, this half-day tour takes you to the main tourist locations of the city: Kenrokuen Garden, 21st Century Museum and Higashi Chaya.

The tour features over 30 in-bus explanations and videos of points of interest that play automatically as the bus moves around the city. Seat comfortably, enjoy the unparallel view from the bus and let our bus attendants take care of you.

After the tour, those who wish to do so, can leave the tour at Omicho Market to enjoy a late lunch in the kitchen of Kanazawa (at around 13:40).

Our bus and staff practice safety measures to prevent the spread of infections. Check out our bus page here.

・More than two hours and a half of time between Kenrokuen Garden, Higashi Chaya Geisha District and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.
・Over 30 in-bus video explanations with one tablet per seat.
・Discount coupon for a few select Higashi Chaya stores.
・Tourism maps to facilitate your visit on each location
・Entrance fee for Kenrokuen-garden
・Bus attendant and driver
・Boarding at Sainoniwa Hotel or Kanazawa Station
・Drop off at Omicho Market, Kanazawa Station or Sainoniwa Hotel at the end of the tour


Not Included
・21st Century Museum entrance fee
・Personal purchases

9:40 am Departs from Sainoniwa Hotel
10:00 am Departs from Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area
Kenrokuen Garden (around 60 minutes)
21st Century Museum (around 40 minutes)
Higashi Chaya Geisha District (around 60 minutes)

Omicho Market (Option to leave the tour at Omicho)
13:40 Returns to Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area


How to get to the bus boarding area

Tour Information

  • Price
    Free- If the guest is staying at Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel
    6,000 Japanese Yen regular price
  • Departure time
    9:40 from Kanazawa Sainoniwa Hotel
    10:00 from Kanazawa Station West Exit
  • Arrival time
    13:40 at Kanazawa Station West Exit Group Bus Parking Area
  • Cancel Policy
    For changes or cancellations, a fee may be charged as follows:
    20 to 8 days before the tour ・・・ 20%
    7 to 2 days before the tour ・・・ 30%
    Day before the tour ・・・ 40%
    The day of the tour ・・・ 100%
    Or cancellation without contact
  • Minimum number of participants
    1 person

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