Paul’s Blog

March 21, 2019

Welcome to Kanazawa Adventures. The Takatas, my colleagues, and I are excited to welcome you to Kanazawa and share all aspects of this extraordinary place and its wonderful people.

It’s an auspicious day to post our first blog because today’s the first day of spring, a federal holiday celebrated throughout Japan, emblematic of all the intrinsic connections between nature and life. And here we are, ready to start operations of Kanazawa Adventures at this time of new beginnings.

Spring’s a beautiful time of year in Kanazawa: The sakura are soon to burst, fukinoto are pushing through the last of the snow cover, birds are making nests and finding food in Kanazawa’s canals, and Omicho is overflowing with mebaru (written in Japanese as 春告魚 – which literally means “the fish that tells you spring is here”).

Come and discover your springtime Kanazawa Adventures.