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Thank you for exploring the Kanazawa Adventures site and making your way to this page. I suppose the question I’m to answer here is: How did I find my way to Kanazawa Adventures?

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My Kanazawa connection began as a 17-year-old high school student on a Rotary Youth Exchange. Living with four host families and going to Nisui High School for one year, is the experience, other than being loved and raised by exceptional parents, that has shaped my life.

Kanazawa, and the friendships that have emerged from sporting, gourmet, academic, homestay, hobby, and vocational experiences, keeps pulling me back. Two years studying at the University of Kanazawa; developing a basketball exchange program (called NIFEE) between Japan and Canada that started with an Ishikawa team; working in a Japanese bank, the 1998 Nagano Olympics, 2002 World Cup, and as a facilitator on the Ship for World Youth; these experiences fortunately came my way due to living in Kanazawa. Along with allowing me to gain a perspective that comes from being able to observe the similarities and differences in how people do things, I am grateful to the people of Kanazawa for opening so many doors. My relationship with the Takata family, which has empowered me since high school, again proved fortuitous as we cobbled together the idea of Kanazawa Adventures.

Whether welcoming visitors to Kanazawa, Canada, for pleasure, work, or as a traveler myself; sharing experiences with others brings me the most joy. Facilitating connections between people and place and experience is what I like to do. I’d be honored if you visited and allowed us to show you Kanazawa and Japan.

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